Signs You Should Repave Your Driveway

27 June 2018
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Your driveway is one of the most noticeable parts about your property's exterior and if your drive isn't in excellent condition, your home's curb appeal can go down. Furthermore, a failing driveway will wear out sooner than a healthier one, which means more repairs and full replacement if you don't address problems when they are minor. Here are signs you need to update your current driveway. Repaving can make a huge difference in how your property looks and isn't a major upgrade (repaving is a simple renovation where new asphalt is place over the old). Read More 

3 Solutions Create Attractive Custom Driveways For Impressive Entrances

26 February 2018
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If you want to have an attractive entrance to your home that blends in perfectly with landscaping, there are several paving options to consider. You may want to consider things like custom brick pavers, stamped concrete and synthetic materials made from recycled rubber. Here are some of the solutions that you may want to consider for attractive custom pavements for your driveway: 1. Colorful Asphalt Alternatives with Recycled Rubber Pavements Read More 

Enhancing The Appearance Of Your School’s Paved Walkway

13 July 2017
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If you own a preschool, and your establishment has a paved walkway leading up to the front entryway, keeping it in the best of condition is necessary so those using it remain safe. Along with keeping people from becoming injured, a maintained walkway will appear favorable. Here is more info on a few ways you can enhance the walkway to give it a personalized appearance. Ask Children To Give You Additions Read More 

The Benefits Of Using A Cold Patch Compound For Your Damaged Driveway

29 May 2017
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If you have divots and potholes in your asphalt driveway, then you have the option of patching the asphalt instead of having the entire surface replace. Patching can be completed with either a hot or cold compound. While this is true, many DIY homeowners will choose to use cold compound materials simply because they are easier to use. The patching materials have a variety of benefits above and beyond ease of use. Read More 

How To Patch Asphalt With Cold Formula

19 January 2017
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Even the smallest holes and cracks in your asphalt surface can become problematic over time. Most people immediately ignore small blemishes because they are hardly noticeable. If left unpatched they can grow to the point that they can only be professionally fixed. The key is definitely to fix small problems as soon as you notice them. The quickest and most convenient type of patch to use is cold formula. This article explains the perks of cold formula patch and how to best use it. Read More