Protecting Your Newly-Paved Driveway From Premature Damage

8 March 2021
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If you are in the market to have your driveway paved, you are soon about to enjoy an abundance of benefits with the new surface. To keep a paved driveway looking its best for years, a few steps need to be taken as preventative measures against premature damage.

Switch The Areas Where You Place Your Vehicles

If you park your vehicles in the same exact locations day after day, paved surfaces tend to sag from their weight. Many people park vehicles in the same spots upon a paved driveway out of habit. Make an effort to remember to park in different locations each time you return to your home. This aids in evenly distributing weight over time upon the driveway, helping to keep unsightly concave portions from occurring.

Perform Routine Inspections Of The Paved Surface

Take a walk up and down your driveway at least once a week. During this excursion, inspect the surface for any signs of wear. If you notice cracks, crumbled areas, or holes, make a call to a paving service immediately for an evaluation. Some people take it upon themselves to fill in cracks with caulk as a temporary fix. This may work for a bit, but you will need to have the area resurfaced by a professional if you wish to retain a uniform appearance of the pavement.

Clean Your Driveway Regularly To Eliminate Debris

When debris lands upon your paved driveway, damage can occur quickly if it is not picked up and disposed of properly. This includes natural debris such as tree limbs, pine needle clumps, or stones. If moisture accumulates around debris, it may settle upon your driveway for an extended time period. This weakens the material used to pave the surface and can also cause it to become faded due to uneven sunlight distribution.

Seal Your Paved Surface For A Fresh Appearance

A layer of seal coating is necessary to keep a paved driveway looking smooth and unmarred. This is done during warmer times of the year, to ensure the coating adheres and hardens properly. If your paved surface appears to have faded, it is time to have a seal coat application. You need to refrain from driving or walking upon the surface for a day or two after seal coating is applied. After this time period, the driveway will appear renewed with a deep, dark color, which many find to be attractive.