4 Ways To Clean Your Asphalt Driveway

4 October 2018
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If you have an asphalt driveway, you probably want to keep it nice and clean. There are actually a few different methods that you can use to clean up your asphalt driveway. These are four of the methods that you can try, depending on how dirty your driveway is and how much time you have to spend on cleaning it.

1. Sweep It

The first and most obvious way of cleaning your asphalt driveway is to sweep it. Of course, you are only going to want to do this when your driveway is completely dry. Otherwise, you'll get your broom wet, and you'll have trouble getting rid of leaves, dirt, and debris.

On a nice day when your driveway is completely dry, though, you can use a broom to get rid of dust, leaves and other debris. You probably will not want to use the same broom that you use inside your house; this will take a lot longer, and it will probably get your household broom dirty. Instead, consider buying a larger broom that's meant for use in the garage; it'll cover more ground, and you can use it for outdoor jobs in the future.

2. Use a Leaf Blower

One alternative to using a broom is using a leaf blower. Whether you use a gas-powered or electric model, this is a great way to blow dirt and debris off of your driveway without having to use as much "elbow grease" as you'd have to use if you chose to clean your driveway with a broom.

3. Clean It With Soap and Water

Even though the above two methods will help with getting rid of leaves and debris, they won't help get rid of stains. For this, you can try using soap and water. Use a cleaning agent that is designed for use on asphalt driveways so that you won't damage your driveway and so that you will be able to effectively get rid of any messes. You can use a handheld scrub brush or a toothbrush on stains, but of course, you probably won't want to do this on your entire driveway. Instead, use a long-handled deck brush to cover more area at once and to save your back.

4. Use a Pressure Washer

Cleaning your asphalt driveway with a scrub brush is a great way to get a thorough clean, but it can be very time-consuming. To do a thorough job a lot more quickly, try renting a pressure washer. This should help with most dirt and stains, but you can always use it on the bulk of your driveway and then use a scrub brush on smaller, more concentrated areas that might have stains.

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