3 Solutions Create Attractive Custom Driveways For Impressive Entrances

26 February 2018
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If you want to have an attractive entrance to your home that blends in perfectly with landscaping, there are several paving options to consider. You may want to consider things like custom brick pavers, stamped concrete and synthetic materials made from recycled rubber. Here are some of the solutions that you may want to consider for attractive custom pavements for your driveway:

1. Colorful Asphalt Alternatives with Recycled Rubber Pavements

Today, there are green improvements that can be done to almost everything around your home; including pavements. Recycled rubber for waste like tires is being transformed into porous landscaping covering, these materials are great to use as pavements that are shock-absorbent and easy to walk on. These are great pavements to use for driveways, patios and hardscaping projects. If you have children of any age, the softer pavement is great for safe play areas or having a basketball half-court in your driveway.

2. Creative Custom Pavement Using Brick Pavers for Driveways

For a more elegant looking driveway pavement that blends in with landscaping, use brick pavers for the pavement. This is something that you will want to have a professional paving service help you with because it requires compacting the soil and layers beneath the brick pavers; especially for pavements where cars are going to be driven over the finished product. The pavements are durable and will support the weight of vehicles when the soil and substrates have been compacted properly. Driveways usually have two substrates; the first layer is gravel to provide good drainage and the second layer is the sand that pavers will sit on.

3. Durable Custom Pavement Look Using Stamped Concrete Finishes

Custom pavements can be costly, so you may want to find a more affordable solution that is still attractive. Stamped concrete finishes give you an affordable solution to create custom driveway pavements. These are finishes that look like stone or brick and provide you with a custom finish. The stamped concrete finish can have colored seal coating that give the pavement a protective coat as well as an attractive finish. There are also other options for custom concrete finishes, such as overlays, which are great for repairs to damaged driveways and giving them a new custom finish.

These are some options that you may want to consider for attractive custom pavements for your home. If you are ready to give your pavements an impressive makeover, contact a driveway paving service and ask them about some of these options. To learn more, contact a business such as Northern Asphalt LLC.