Enhancing The Appearance Of Your School's Paved Walkway

13 July 2017
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If you own a preschool, and your establishment has a paved walkway leading up to the front entryway, keeping it in the best of condition is necessary so those using it remain safe. Along with keeping people from becoming injured, a maintained walkway will appear favorable. Here is more info on a few ways you can enhance the walkway to give it a personalized appearance.

Ask Children To Give You Additions

When a paving company comes to your preschool to add a layer of asphalt to your walkway to repair cracks or holes, consider having them add personalized touches provided by your students. Make it a school project to go outdoors and collect interesting stones from the property grounds. Each child can paint a rock so it has personality. When the paving company arrives, ask them to press the stones into the newly poured asphalt. The students will enjoy seeing their addition to the walkway as they use it to get in and out of the school. If you do not wish to add the stones to the entire walking surface, use them along the perimeter.

Use Color To Change The Walkway's Appearance

Asphalt can be revamped with the addition of asphalt paint. This can be purchased from a paving company or a home goods store. Use a sprayer, roller, or brush to color the asphalt. Incorporate some interesting design work directly over the asphalt or use stencils to add lettering to the walkway for a personalized look. This will give the asphalt an instant renewed look sure to please all who view it. Alternately, ask a paving service if they have colored asphalt to add a burst of professional-grade color to the walkway.

Use Recycled Asphalt To Help With The Environment

Recycled asphalt can be used to give a walkway a speckled appearance rather than a flat color. This is applied in the same manner but will leave the walkway with a bit of a bumpy texture rather than a completely smooth one. This will aid in keeping smaller children from sliding upon the walkway as they will be able to get a good grip with the bottom of their shoes as they take their steps. If you want to do your part in going green and reducing the carbon footprint on the environment, this is an option to look into when it is time to revitalize your walkway after it wears from normal use.