4 Tips For Laying Pavement In Your Backyard

9 November 2016
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If you want to lay pavement in your backyard for a patio, it is vitally important that you set up the right base for your pavement. Here are three tips for preparing your backyard for pavement.

Call Your Utilities Company

The first thing that you need to do is call up your local utilities company and find out where any electrical, cable, and gas lines are located in your backyard. You also need to know where any plumbing lines are located as well. You are going to need to do some digging in order to prepare to lay pavement in your backyard, and you don't want to hit any lines when you are digging. Do this a few weeks before you want to lay the pavement to give the utilities company enough time to come out to your house and show you where the lines are located.

Dig Below Root Level

You don't want to pour your pavement at ground level. You want to pour your pavement below ground level. This will make your pavement stronger and will ensure that it doesn't sink over time. When you dig out the area for your new pavement pad in the backyard, you are going to want to dig below the root level of vegetation in your yard. That means you want to go beyond the depth of the roots that are in your yard, which means you are probably going to need to dig down at least half a foot or so.

If the soil is really hard, you may want to water the area you plan on digging the night before. This will allow the soil to be soft when you are digging without being a muddy mess.

Make A Solid Base

After you dig the hole, you need to make sure that you have a really solid base. You don't want the cement to sink after you pour it. To make the most solid base, you are going to want to use a plate compactor to really pack down the ground. This will make the ground as solid as possible.

Stop The Weeds

Finally, you are going to want to stop the weeds to ensure that they don't grow up and around your new cement pad. You are going to want to put down a landscaping cloth on the base of your new pavement pad. After you lay down the landscaping cloth, you are going to want to put sand on top of it to create the best drainage plane possible for your new pavement pad. 

For more information and help with preparing for laying pavement, talk with a professional paving company, like Salem Paving.