Caring for Your Lawn When You Have an Asphalt Driveway

7 September 2016
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Asphalt driveways are both sturdy and attractive, but they need to be maintained properly to stay in good shape. This doesn't mean just cleaning or sealing the asphalt itself; it includes the way you landscape around the asphalt surface. Here are a few lawn-care tips to keep in mind when you have an asphalt driveway.

Edge the Sides

Using an edger or trimmer, cut back the grass at the edges of the driveway. Grass can begin to overtake the edges of the driveway and cause damage to the asphalt. Be sure to trim away any weeds that may grow in this area as well, as they can invade the driveway and cause small cracks.

Manage Tree Roots

Tree roots can grow underneath the driveway, and this can ultimately cause the asphalt to crack or buckle. You can hire a tree service to prune the roots and keep them away from the driveway. If you are planning on planting new trees, work with an arborist to choose trees that won't grow too close to the driveway, and be sure to plant the trees far enough away that they won't damage the asphalt.

Add Pavers

One way to keep grass and weeds from getting too close to your driveway is to add pavers along the edges. You can choose concrete, brick, or stone pavers for this project. Be sure that they are placed within the ground to block the path of plant roots. They can also help to prevent small animals from burrowing under the driveway. If you want a more elegant look, consider placing planter boxes along the driveway to add flowers and plants without their roots damaging the driveway. Like the pavers, these should be sunk into the ground to impede the growth of weeds and grass near the edges of the drive.

Water the Driveway

When you water your lawn, be sure to hose down the driveway as well. Cleaning away any oil and dirt from the surface will keep your asphalt looking great, and it can help to prevent damage to the surface. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, consider washing the driveway on the days you mow your lawn so the driveway gets cleaned regularly. Should you notice cracks beginning to form despite your efforts to keep the driveway clean, contact a seal-coating service to fill in the cracks and re-seal the driveway.

Follow these tips to keep your driveway looking great, and contact an asphalt repair and seal-coating service such as Sealcoating America to take care of any cracks or holes in the driveway as they appear. With the right lawn-care maintenance; you can actually keep your asphalt driveway in great shape for many years to come.