Pavement Ants Taking Over Your Concrete Front Step? Solve Your Problems With These Tips

14 June 2016
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If pavement ants take over your cracked concrete step, take steps to get rid of the ants and repair the crack. Although pavement ants don't attack or bite humans, they can become big nuisances if they enter your home in search of sugar and other food sources. The black and dark brown ants tend to build large nesting sites in concrete and other types of pavement, including the concrete in and around your home. Here's how you get rid of pavement ants and repair the crack in your concrete step.

Eliminate the Ants

You'll need a container of boric acid and one empty glass jar. Boric acid is a common pest control product used to treat ant and roach problems. However, some ants won't consume boric acid alone because it doesn't contain anything that attracts them, such as sugar and grease. Pavement ants will eat any type of food as long as it is sweet or greasy, so you'll need to mix food with the poison for it to work effectively.

Sources recommend mixing 1 cup of food with 1 teaspoon of boric acid. It's a good idea to select a food source that's sticky enough to hold the poison in place, such as honey or jelly. Be sure to wear gloves when you handle boric acid to avoid getting the poison on your skin. Also, wear a face mask and eye goggles during the preparations. Boric acid comes in powder form and can blow into your face, eyes and nose when you use it.

Put the mixture inside the jar, then place the jar behind your step. Wait at least two weeks for the ants to succumb to the poison. After the ants die, you can repair the crack in your concrete step.

Repair the Crack

You'll need to obtain a container of concrete patching material, a metal spatula, a container of bonding adhesive, and one hand-held broom for this step. Before you apply the adhesive and cement, use your broom to remove dead ants and other debris from the crack. Also, use a water hose to rinse out the crack, then allow it to dry thoroughly. The drying time may vary, so monitor the area often.

Now, apply a thin layer of adhesive inside and around the crack. The adhesive may need some time to cure or dry, so follow the instructions on the packaging precisely to avoid problems later. After the adhesive dries, follow the mixing or application instructions on the patching material's packaging. Use your spatula to pack and smooth the patching material inside the crack, then allow it time to harden. Now you will have successfully repaired the crack in your concrete step.

If you have problems patching the crack or need additional help with the repairs, contact a concrete repair contractor like one from Gann Asphalt & Concrete today.