Restoring A Crack-Strewn Driveway

5 January 2016
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An asphalt driveway might feel impervious when you fall down on one, but the truth is that your driveway is no match for mother nature. To prevent your driveway from devolving into nothing more than a web of cracks, you need to properly maintain your driveway. This begins with repairing cracks and filling potholes and ends with a sealcoat

Repairing Cracks

Cracks may look intimidating, but even someone who doesn't take on a lot of do-it-yourself projects should be able to handle repairing cracks. Just follow these steps:

1. Use a hoe to remove any organic material that is growing in the crack.

2. You then need to use a pressure washer to clean out any loose material caught in the cracks. 

3. You can then fill the cracks with a rubberized joint compound. A rubber compound is key because it will flex as your driveway expands and contracts with changes in the temperature. 

Repairing Potholes

You can't just pour joint compound into a pothole. For the best repair, follow these steps:

1. Clean out all loose and/or organic material caught in the pothole.

2. Use a sledge and chisel to cut off any edges of the pothole that overhang the dirt underneath. 

3. Fill the pothole halfway, and tamp it down.

4. Fill the pothole to within a couple inches of the top and tamp it down. 

5. Mound asphalt over the surrounding asphalt surface and tamp it down until it is even with the rest of the driveway. You may need to put a piece of plywood over the pothole and drive over it with your car to get it tamped down just right. 

Applying a Sealcoat

Once you are done repairing cracks, your driveway will look pretty rough, and it will be prone to future damage. In order to get your driveway looking great and prevent future cracks and potholes, you will need to apply a sealcoat, which will make your driveway look like new and help to repel water, UV, and petroleum damage.

If you have an old cracked and pitted driveway, it is a driveway replacement waiting to happen. In order to breathe some new life into your driveway, you will need to repair any damage it has sustained and apply a sealcoat to prevent future problems. While it will cost a little money to get your driveway looking like new, you will save yourself money as compared to ripping out and replacing your driveway. To find out more, speak with a business like Construction Asphalt Paving Services Inc.