3 Reasons To Build An Asphalt Driveway

12 June 2015
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Asphalt is one of the most popular materials to use for a driveway, and it isn't hard to see why when you consider the many advantages that it has over concrete. Cold weather performance, flexibility, and durability are just some of the reasons to consider an asphalt driveway.

Cold Weather

An asphalt driveway is a perfect fit if you live in a cold area that gets a large amount of snow. The reason for this is that an asphalt driveway can cut down on the amount of snow removal that you will have to do. This is because the dark color of asphalt naturally absorbs light throughout the day, which leads to the surface of the driveway warming up and causing the snow or ice to melt faster.

Another reason that asphalt is a great choice for areas with a cold climate is that asphalt will expand and contract when the temperature shifts, which will prevent it from cracking. A concrete driveway does not do well in cold weather conditions, so the concrete surface can crack in the winter.  


Asphalt is an interesting paving material in that it will flex if exposed to ground movement. This means that if your home or the land around your home begins to settle, the asphalt will likely flex and remain in one piece. With a concrete driveway, the movement of the ground beneath the concrete will lead to extensive cracking.


Finally, asphalt is a great choice if you want a driveway that is going to be able to stand up to a lot of punishment without needing to be repaired. For example, an asphalt driveway will not crack or break if a large item were to be accidentally dropped on it. A concrete driveway can easily develop a crack as a result of a sharp, heavy impact.

The durability of asphalt is one of the reasons that an asphalt driveway can last you for quite a few years. If your driveway is installed properly and well-cared for, it is possible for an asphalt driveway to last up to 35 years. In addition, the climate you live in will affect how long an asphalt driveway will last, with hot climates causing asphalt's lifespan to shorten.

Speak to a paving contractor today from a company like Superior Asphalt Paving Inc in order to discuss the many advantages and benefits provided by an asphalt driveway. An asphalt surface is ideal if you want something that is durable, flexible, and able to handle cold weather conditions with ease.