Not Enough Room To Park Your Cars? Tips On Widening Your Current Driveway For Additional Parking Space

4 June 2015
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If you have acquired more vehicles lately and now do not have enough room to park, you likely do not want people parking in your yard. Instead, you can widen your current driveway to create additional parking space so everyone has a place to park his or her car.

Planning the Addition

Take time to plan your driveway before you hire someone. For example, if your house is set back from the road, you could only widen the part of the driveway that is closer to your house and leave the rest as it is now. Think about how much space you need, such as if someone has a boat they have to back in or if you want to be able to turn your vehicle around to get in and out easily. This is an important step in this process as you want to ensure everything turns out like you want it to. Talk with a paving contractor at a business like Premier Asphalt Paving CO to help you determine what is actually possible.

Installing the Addition

You may want to consider hiring a contractor to do this work for you. It is a little more complicated than installing a brand new driveway. You have to make sure the new pavement matches in look and strength and make sure the surface stays at the same level to prevent damage to your tires. You also have to make sure the slope is the same and remove anything that may be in the way, such as hedges, trees, etc.

Choosing a Design

If your current driveway is concrete and old and weathered, then you may not be able to match new concrete exactly. You could highlight this area, however, by using a completely different material, such as brick pavers or stamped concrete.

Brick pavers are durable and can hold the weight of vehicles well. They are also less expensive than other types of pavers. There are two types of brick pavers you can choose: clay and cement. Clay pavers come in warm shades of brown, orange, and red. Cement pavers are available in almost any color you want and are more durable than clay. 

Stamped concrete offers many more options. You can use the stamps to create replicas of things like field stone, natural slate, brick, and cobblestone. They also come in a wide array of colors, such as browns, yellows, reds, and oranges. You can mix and match the stamps to create a unique design, if you prefer.

While you are adding onto your current driveway, think of any other concrete or asphalt needs you have. For example, you may want a new patio, and the perfect time to do it could be while the contractor is at your home.